Fast Food Nutrition Facts

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Restaurants with Nutrition Facts

Arby's Fazoli's Pizza Hut
Baskin-Robbins Godfather's Pizza Round Table
Blimpie Hardee's Ryan's Family
Bob Evans In-N-Out Schlotzsky's
Boston Market Jack in the Box Subway
Burger King KFC Taco Bell
Carl's, Jr. Krystal TCBY
Chick-fil-A Little Caesar's Tim Hortons
Chuck E. Cheese Long John Silver's Wendy's
Domino's McDonald's Whataburger
Dunkin' Donuts Papa John's White Castle

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Most Popular Searches
In-N-Out - Hamburger, single patty, protein style (lettuce "bun"), 9.7 oz
Arby's - Dressing, blue cheese, salad, 2.0 fl oz per container
Arby's - Cakes, potato, 2 cakes per order (3.5 oz)
Arby's - Potatoes, baked, deluxe, 13.0 oz each
Arby's - Cheese, Swiss, 0.5 oz per slice
Arby's - Dressing, Bronco Berry, salad, 1.5 fl oz per container
Arby's - Potatoes, fried (home fries), medium order (5.0 oz)
Arby's - Fries, French, curly, medium order (4.5 oz)
Arby's - Chicken fingers, 6.4 oz per order
Arby's - Cola, 16.0 fl oz per serving
Most Recent Searches
Boston Market - Apples, cinnamon, hot, 3/4 cup per serving
Boston Market - Beans, red, and rice, low fat, 1 cup per serving
Boston Market - Beans, green, 3/4 cup per serving
Boston Market - Beans, black, and rice, 1 cup per serving
Boston Market - Cake, hummingbird, 5.9 oz per piece
Arby's - Fries, French, curly, small order (3.8 oz)
Whataburger - Shake, strawberry, large (44.0 fl oz)
Whataburger - Shake, chocolate, medium (32.0 fl oz)
Whataburger - Salad, garden, with chicken, grilled, w cheese, cheddar, shredded,
Taco Bell - Taco, steak, soft shell, 3.5 oz

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