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Potatoes, baked, deluxe, 13.0 oz each
Chicken fingers, 4 piece order (6.8 oz)
Fries, French, curly, larger order (7.0 oz)
Chicken fingers, 6.4 oz per order
Potatoes, fried (home fries), large order (7.5 oz)
Potatoes, baked, stuffed with broccoli and cheddar cheese, 14.0 oz ea
Potatoes, baked, with butter and sour cream, 11.2 oz each
Cheese sticks, mozzarella, 4.8 oz per serving
Fries, French, curly, cheddar flavor, 6.0 oz per order
Onions, fried in batter (Onion Petals), 4.0 oz per order
Fries, French, curly, medium order (4.5 oz)
Potatoes, fried (home fries), medium order (5.0 oz)
Dressing, ranch, salad, buttermilk, 2.0 fl oz per container
Peppers, hot, jalapeño, fried with cheese, (Jalapeño Bites), 4.0 oz/order
Dressing, Caesar, salad, 2.0 fl oz per container
Fries, French, curly, small order (3.8 oz)
Dressing, blue cheese, salad, 2.0 fl oz per container
Potatoes, fried (home fries), small order (4.0 oz)
Dressing, Thousand Island, salad, 2.0 fl oz per container
Dressing, honey French, salad, 2.0 fl oz per container
Cakes, potato, 2 cakes per order (3.5 oz)
Dressing, Italian Parmesan, salad, 2.0 fl oz per container
Potatoes, fried (home fries), child size order (3.0 oz)
Cola, 16.0 fl oz per serving
Juice, orange, 10.0 fl oz per serving
Dressing, barbecue vinaigrette, salad, 2.0 fl oz per container
Milk, whole, pasteurized, 8 fl oz per serving
Eggs, added to an order, 2.0 oz per egg
Croutons, cheese and garlic flavor, 0.6 oz per serving
Mayonnaise, 0.4 fl oz per packet
Dressing, Bronco Berry, salad, 1.5 fl oz per container
Dressing, ranch, salad, buttermilk, reduced calorie,, 2.0 fl oz/container
Cheese, Swiss, 0.5 oz per slice
Croutons, seasoned, 0.3 oz per serving
Dressing, Italian, salad, reduced calorie, 2.0 fl oz per container
Mayonnaise, light, cholesterol free, 0.4 fl oz per packet
Ketchup (catsup), 0.3 fl oz per packet
Mustard, German, 1/4 oz per packet
Coffee, brewed, black, 8.0 fl oz per serving
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Nutrients Covered

Every food reports its content of Calories, Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbohydrates, Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron—because data on these nutrients is required by U.S. label regulations.

Some foods report optional nutrients. For foods that don't, you'll see question marks in the % Daily Value column.


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